Monday, February 15, 2010

Wheelbase Extended!!!

Truck was leveled exactly straight carefully before cut.

Extra length was welded in the middle. We used original KW frame rail pieces to make perfect fit and to be sure frame rail material being exactly same.

Inside of the frame rails and new inserts we fabricated were cleaned and sanded carefully. Then they were triple painted with the best epoxypaint available. Before bolting inserts in I sprayed on special anticorrosion material to both mounting surfaces (inserts and inside the rails).

Project is getting visible progress slowly but steady. I'm working on the project every single day. Idea is get something done each day no matter if only small airline bracket or bigger piece, main thing is something is done daily. Newiest addition to project is longer wheelbase. New WB is 282 inches (measured to middle of the rear ales)!!! Everything for the extension job was done in-house with help of my good friend Harri Hulkkonen and my dad Martti "Myrä" Löppönen. Even the new drivesaft is self made! Thank to Mr. Jyrki Järvinen from the pieces of frame rails.

Some details about the extension job. We studiet all the information we could before the job.We were really precise with measures and everyhting we did. All measures were made to perfect before welding and were checked all the time during welding and after. To strengthten the extension points on rails we used very long sleeves made out from 6mm (1/4'') thick steel with compression fit inside the frame rails. Sleeves are bolted in with 14mm special frame flange bolts. Extra crossmember was add and both weldpoints are supported by crossmembers.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!


Anonymous said...

Hyvä Juice! Rekkanetin ylläpito toivottaa menestystä projektin parissa!

Jobergg said...

I think that gonna be a beautiful truck, I love trucks with long wheelbase.

Silicone Express said...

Thank you guys from nice comments =). Support is really needed to make this project happen.