Saturday, May 30, 2015

GMC General '86 up date!

 Fitness Competetor Eevi-Pirre Rautiainen posing with Screamin' Jimmy.

 Screamin' Jimmy and Muscle Pin Up babe Anu Pekonen at first show for the season 2015.

 Interior got some new taste to it during the winter. Headliner and floor carpets complete new. Some new panels to doors and lotta more.

 Did practise some pinstriping my self.

Red LED's were installed to interior and inside the new speakers. Looking super cool at dark.

Long time no up date, sorry about that. Been busy spring. Hope you like the up dates we've done to the Screamin' Jimmy. We got new front bumper installed with ol'skool fog lights in it. Cab interior is almost complete new, but seats remained old ones at this point. We did completely new headliner with red button tuck as door panles and cab rear corner peices got button tuck panels too. New floor carpet was installed and leaking and ribbed sleeper boot was fixed and sleeper opening interior as well.

More up dates will fallow!!!