Sunday, June 22, 2008

Silicone Express gets 1st Price!

Dan with his nice Freightliner.

Snowman at the wheel of 379 Pete.

My son Valtteri takes a little feeling to wheel of old 359 Day Cab.

Tom have just opened his X-mas gift and already calling all over to brag about it. Senior is all smile!

Some of our gang!

Just got out from the ferry on trip back home.

Dan had the front door and we were high balling over the pass!

COE Pete 352 with Cummins V8 from Sweden.

Another COE Pete from Sweden.

A small part of the line up.

Stoped at one truck stop to grap few Z's on our way down to meet at Jöngköping in Sweden.

Looking large with all lights on!

Parked in front of Scania factory at Södertälje, Sweden.

Inside of large car/truck ferry which operates between Finland and Sweden.

Few pictures from the trip over to Sweden at HC Truck meet 2008! Trip went great and I was honered to win 1st price in US Truck Class! On our way down there we visited also at Scania factory at Södertälje. We went over from Finland to Sweden in one of the World biggest car/truck ferries. The ferry trip over the sea took 8h. Total length for the trip was 1900km (1190miles). We met meny great guys on our trip and saw meny cool trucks. Hope to meet you guys soon again! 10-4!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stainless 5th Wheel Cover!

Here's stainless steel 5th wheel cover I made! Looks cool ain't it!!! Also two pics of DAF tractor that was involved with road accident and neeted to be reflamed. What made this work challenging was the original flames were painted by different artist. So I had to imitate his style and colors. Outlines are hand painted with brush.