Sunday, November 29, 2009

Side project II!

Just out from the ''paintshop''. Lookin' good with fresh clear coat on!

Like two cherrys, ol'girl and her baby-sis'.

Ready for clear coating. Everything was done in-house, meening we did even the clear coating by our selves.

Time to open the X-mas present (take the masking off).

Safety first!!! This constraction rack is proved by national safety board and has CE sign on it ;).

Masking done. Took well over 20h to do it.

Real fabricators newer run out of ideas. This grill was invented and fabricated in 5min by Rebel while I was the chef. Man it tasted good. By the way it's 06.30 a.m.

The gang: Lande one of the owners of the truckin' company, me(Silicone) and the go-painter Juuso ''the Rebel''. As you can see we kept good care of the paint thinner... wonder why... =).

Here's few pictures from cool side project I did with buddy of mine, Juuso ''the Rebel'' some time ago. We did everything for this paintjob by our selves. The facilities we used were not the greatest. It was old warehouse, so it took awhile to get the truck fitted inside first. The whole paintjob took us from friday morning till monday morning. We kept on goin' all day and night with only 3h of sleep every night. Thanks for good outlaw country music like C.W. McCall, HankIII, Shooter Jennings, Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, Dale Watson and Schott H. Biram to make it happen! ...maybe few bears too...