Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Interior almost done!

Interior of Silicone Express II is almost complited, only few small details are still need to be done. During the interior makeover we took almost everything out of the cab, changed all new floor boards made out of special very high quality water resistand plywood, we did all new sound insulation all over the cab using high quality insulation products. Steering wheel was totally rebuilt by us and topped with our own custom designed hornbutton with custom milled KW-logo on it as cab fan too. All floor carpeting was redone as well as all interior trim lists were done out of mirror polished stainless steel.
Door panels and cab rear corner panels were reupholstered as both seats as well by our own custom design which is close to KW original design from the '70's. Also sleeper opening cover and sleeper curtain are new and matching to rest of the interior.
Dash got new custom made stainless pieces on it here and there and under the dash we placed red LED-lights as we did at cab rear corners behind the seats too. Those LED-lights does lite up the whole cab red in the dark and man it looks awesome!
Keep on checking us out for more cool updates!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

CAT 3406B Check!

Sorry for the long delay with updates, but computer crashed and it took for awhile to get it fixed.

Here's few pics from engine check up we did. We changed new Rod and Main Bearings and Thrust Bearings as well. After we took old ones out we noticed they were in good shape and didn't need to be replaced, but since I had ordered them we changed them anyways. It's good to know they are new now. Only CAT parts were used. At the same time we checked oil pump, which was like brand new one, and valve lashes too. Couldn't resist temptation for power, so fuel pump screws were set open alittle further. After I get her for test drive we'll see if we need to go back to the screws again ;).

Interior have had some work done as well and will post pics in near future.