Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some update finally!

Finally some visible progress with my new project. It doesn't meen I haven't done anything till now. NO, I just have done prepairin' work and testing new ideas. Final design is starting to be clear in my head now. Also lotta of stainless steel parts have been custom made and even more are under fabrication at the moment. I'm trying to take this project even higher level than I did with the earlier (K100C).

Some delay have caused because of lot of fixing needed to old pits and pieces here and there. It's good to remember this baby have earned it's pay on the road over 30 years. Restoring and custom building old truck is way different and more challenging job than it is with brand new one. Most of the parts are no longer available and need to be fabricated specially or located good used ones.

Here in the picture you see frame rear end tapered and new crossmember test fitted.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3D Design from my W9A exhd!

Here's few pictures from 3D designs which very talented young man, Jack Wilby, have been doin' for me. The 3D design is still on progress and I will post updates in the near future. Keep your self tuned for us!

To see more Jack's cool creations or order his services visit at:

All 3D images as other pictures as well are under copyright! Use or publishing on any media with out permission is prohibited and action will be executed.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Side project II!

Just out from the ''paintshop''. Lookin' good with fresh clear coat on!

Like two cherrys, ol'girl and her baby-sis'.

Ready for clear coating. Everything was done in-house, meening we did even the clear coating by our selves.

Time to open the X-mas present (take the masking off).

Safety first!!! This constraction rack is proved by national safety board and has CE sign on it ;).

Masking done. Took well over 20h to do it.

Real fabricators newer run out of ideas. This grill was invented and fabricated in 5min by Rebel while I was the chef. Man it tasted good. By the way it's 06.30 a.m.

The gang: Lande one of the owners of the truckin' company, me(Silicone) and the go-painter Juuso ''the Rebel''. As you can see we kept good care of the paint thinner... wonder why... =).

Here's few pictures from cool side project I did with buddy of mine, Juuso ''the Rebel'' some time ago. We did everything for this paintjob by our selves. The facilities we used were not the greatest. It was old warehouse, so it took awhile to get the truck fitted inside first. The whole paintjob took us from friday morning till monday morning. We kept on goin' all day and night with only 3h of sleep every night. Thanks for good outlaw country music like C.W. McCall, HankIII, Shooter Jennings, Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, Dale Watson and Schott H. Biram to make it happen! ...maybe few bears too...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hääauto / Wedding ride!

Etsitkö erikoista ja varmasti näyttävää hääautoa? Tarjoamme sinulle ainutlaatuisen ja varmasti huomiota herättävän hääkyydin aidossa ja erittäin harvinaisessa Jenkkirekassa! Palveluumme sisältyy kuljettaja sekä tarvittavat auton koristelut. Ota rohkeasti yhteyttä ja tehdään hääkyydistänne ikimuistoinen kokemus koko hääväelle.

gsm. +358 50 336 7097

Looking for unique and memorable widding ride? Here it is! Genuine and very rare US-Truck! Our services includes driver and wedding decorations to the truck with your desire. Don't hesitate to call us and let's make your wedding stand out from the rest.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Photo by: Sari Muhonen, Finland 2009

She aint true US truck, if she ain't smoking!!! As can be seen the fuel pump has been turned up and she pulls like there's no end. More engine tune-up fallows soon!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sharp W900B from Germany!

This really sharp lookin' and totally restored Kenworth W900B comes from Germany. The whole rebuilt was done by the proud owner Frank. This clean W900B is 1985 years model and has CAT 3406B 400hp, 15sp gear box, 4.11 rears and 22,5 tall rubber.

More details and pictures at:

Excellent job, Frank!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Express!

Artwork by my very talented brother Ville. He draw the potrait like nothing on plastic board we mounted to back of the sleeper. See more of his artwork from here:

Wedding Express!!! Note the signs on the doors! Something special we did for the happy couple.

New carpet done. Did add new double sound insulation to inside of firewall and whole floor.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Interiro touch up!

Started cleaning up the interior. After I had used five buckets of soapy water for cleaning I ended up tearing the seats and carpet out. New (temporary) carpet will be put on later this week. This will be only temporary quick touch up for interior before whole redol in near future.

Interior like it was. Missing big pieces from carpet, dirt all over... huge mess.

Fresh tags on. I got my W900A exhd registered road legal day before did this Peterbilt 359 '81. Peterbilt has CAT 3406A and 13 speed in it.

Friend of mine came to visit with his '81 359 Pete

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kenworth W900A Extended Hood Aerodyne!

First custom work done. Put on new buggler emblem on the hood front hub caps, spike nut covers and new white front mudflaps.

Outside of the port heading home bound.

Picked up the truck from port of Kotka with my son and lil'bro. Put stacks on and ready to roll!

Here's basic info from the truck:
  • Make: Kenworth
  • Model: W900A Extended Hood Aerodyne
  • Year: 1978
  • Engine: CAT3406B with Jake Brake
  • Gearbox: Spicer 5+4 (orginal from the factory)
  • Rear ends: RS404
  • Sleeper: Aerodyne 60''
  • Rear suspension: 8 bag air Ride
Truck like this is hard to find item even over in US. I searched this truck over 8 months before found one! Thise trucks are starting to be real collectible items. Hope you enjoy seeing the progress of rebuild and customizing of this truck.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Custom osia / Custom Parts from USA!

Ojapiiskavalot, monia eri maleja ja värejä.

Värilliset LED-polttimot ja valolistat.

Erilaiset kahvat, nupit ja katkaisija symbolit.

Erikoiset Hattupinssit.
Erilaiset Spinnerit.

Roiskeläppä koristeet.

Valojen lipat ja kehykset sekä runsain mitoin erikoisia äärivaloja.
Sisävalot joka lähtöön. Monia eri värejä.

Johtosuojat halkaisijan mukaan, mm. ruostumatonteräs.

LA-puhelinten koristetarvikkeet ja antennit.

Eriois Vaihdekepin nupit, mm. Fuller vaihteistoihin.

Akselin päätykupit (navan halkaisijan mukaan), rst tai kromattu teräs.

Kromatut keulakoristeet (eri malleja).

Torven suojahatut koon mukaan, kromattu teräs tai ruostumatonteräs.
Mutterihattuja, lukuisia eri kokoja ja malleja.

Pyöränmutteri hattu 33mm, Spike.

Pyöränmutterihattu 33mm, heijastimella (eri värejä).

Pyörän mutterihattu, 33mm muttereille.
Luotivalo (Torpedo Light).

Custom osia ja valoja suoraan Amerikasta. Paljon erilaisia vaihtoehtoja torvihatuista valoihin ja värillisiin roiskeläppiin!!! Roiskeläpissä mm. Valkea, Sininen, Punainen, Lila ja Keltainen.

Kysy lisää: (puhelinpalvelu tulossa pian).

We offer wide range of different custom chrome, stainless and light parts straight from US. Any light or part you want contact us and we do all we can to get it for you!

Contact by email: (phone service coming soon).