Monday, December 15, 2008

Pics from my Trip to Canada and USA!

This old K-Whopper was parked behind local KW dealer. Not for sale, sorry!

Inferno Kustom Werks has all the cool people hangin' around there.

Me and Lee ran into old buddy of ours, Juuso the Rebel at Montreal Flyin' J.

Loadin' river stone with Lee to Ottawa. Gross weight loaded 57 000kg and haulin' ass 120km/h! Gotta say this Western Star Low Max rides smooth and strong.

The King of Shine himself, Stephane Gauthier. He knows EVERYTHING about polishing and detailing! Thank you for the great time Stephane!

Sharp lookin' Western Star Low Max.

This beautiful lady ain't hired poster model. She's Natalia Leroux posing in front of her 379 Pete she hauls oranges from Calfornia to Canada with.

This cool International Transtar was spotted at Fergus Truck show.

Fergus Truck Show is the biggest truck show in North America. This year there were 429 trucks!

Coolest mailbox on the planet! All hand lettered and pinstriped.

This one was parked at truckstop out skirts of New York.

Nice suprice was meet Bill Gorman from the LCM forum at the front of the ETC Chrome shop, NJ. Bill is lookin' large! He had lowest bumber I've seen cruisin' on the streets!

In the pic top right legendary Josh!

Service at the chrome shop was excellent! Thank you!

This was parked on ETC yard at New Jersey. Really niiizeee!

Thank you for the awesome people at ETC from the warm welcome and hospitality.

This cool MACK was sittin' next to the Beast at ETC lot in Stanten Island.

Inside of the ETC shop Stanten Island.

This one was under work at ETC Stanten Island shop. Like the mural on the back of the cab!

Was supriced to find Poster from Silicone Express Kenworth K100C hangin' on Elizabeth Truck Center wall! Thank you Andrew!

This one was spotted on NJ Turn Pike close to NJ. Very cool COE.

Peterbilt 379 at Flyn' J, USA on our way down to Philly.

USA-Canada border close the Water Town. Goin' down to Philly, USA.

Inferno Express, White Western Star owned and operated by Lee Howard, Coe Hill, Canada.

Aerial wiev over the ice-rivers of Greenland! The rivers are solid ice.

Here's some pictures from the collection of 2400 pics I took on my awesome trip over to Canada to visit legendary Inferno Kustom Werks, Lee and Linda. Thank you very much for the great time and experiences over there!

We also visited at Legendary Custom Shop, Elizabeth Truck Center in NJ and Stanten Island, USA. Thank you for all the great people at ETC as well showing around their both shops! We had nice lunch with Andrew and got excellent service at their chrome shop!