Monday, December 15, 2008

Pics from my Trip to Canada and USA!

This old K-Whopper was parked behind local KW dealer. Not for sale, sorry!

Inferno Kustom Werks has all the cool people hangin' around there.

Me and Lee ran into old buddy of ours, Juuso the Rebel at Montreal Flyin' J.

Loadin' river stone with Lee to Ottawa. Gross weight loaded 57 000kg and haulin' ass 120km/h! Gotta say this Western Star Low Max rides smooth and strong.

The King of Shine himself, Stephane Gauthier. He knows EVERYTHING about polishing and detailing! Thank you for the great time Stephane!

Sharp lookin' Western Star Low Max.

This beautiful lady ain't hired poster model. She's Natalia Leroux posing in front of her 379 Pete she hauls oranges from Calfornia to Canada with.

This cool International Transtar was spotted at Fergus Truck show.

Fergus Truck Show is the biggest truck show in North America. This year there were 429 trucks!

Coolest mailbox on the planet! All hand lettered and pinstriped.

This one was parked at truckstop out skirts of New York.

Nice suprice was meet Bill Gorman from the LCM forum at the front of the ETC Chrome shop, NJ. Bill is lookin' large! He had lowest bumber I've seen cruisin' on the streets!

In the pic top right legendary Josh!

Service at the chrome shop was excellent! Thank you!

This was parked on ETC yard at New Jersey. Really niiizeee!

Thank you for the awesome people at ETC from the warm welcome and hospitality.

This cool MACK was sittin' next to the Beast at ETC lot in Stanten Island.

Inside of the ETC shop Stanten Island.

This one was under work at ETC Stanten Island shop. Like the mural on the back of the cab!

Was supriced to find Poster from Silicone Express Kenworth K100C hangin' on Elizabeth Truck Center wall! Thank you Andrew!

This one was spotted on NJ Turn Pike close to NJ. Very cool COE.

Peterbilt 379 at Flyn' J, USA on our way down to Philly.

USA-Canada border close the Water Town. Goin' down to Philly, USA.

Inferno Express, White Western Star owned and operated by Lee Howard, Coe Hill, Canada.

Aerial wiev over the ice-rivers of Greenland! The rivers are solid ice.

Here's some pictures from the collection of 2400 pics I took on my awesome trip over to Canada to visit legendary Inferno Kustom Werks, Lee and Linda. Thank you very much for the great time and experiences over there!

We also visited at Legendary Custom Shop, Elizabeth Truck Center in NJ and Stanten Island, USA. Thank you for all the great people at ETC as well showing around their both shops! We had nice lunch with Andrew and got excellent service at their chrome shop!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Silicone Express SOLD!!!

Legendary Silicone Express is sold!!! Legendary because the truck has already been featured in meny magazine World wide from USA to Russia! Silicone Express stays in Finland as a show truck even it had potential buyer all the way from USA.
At the monet I'm seekin' for a new project truck with help of my good friends from over seas. I hope to find what I want soon! So keep on checkin' us out to know all the details about Silicone Express II!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rodeo du Camion Truck Rodeo 2008!

Rodeo du Camion Truck Rodeo 2008 was held 28th time in a row this year at Nodre-Dame-Du-Nord, Canada! That happening is absolutely the ultimate drag race event in the World! Heavy trucks with loaded trailers are drag racing up hill from standing still start! The B-train combos gross weight 63 500kg (about 146 000lbs)!!!
I was there with my good friends Lee Howard from Inferno Kustom Werks and Juuso "Rebel" Lehtinen. Juuso was racing at the toughest class on B-trains, 500+ hp and I was his Mechanic. It was his/my first time ever to race up there. And even tough he had alittle under powered engine putting out only 700hp's we managed to win one race!!!
Enjoy the pics!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Power Truck Show 2008!

This summer have been great for me and my truck. I have won total of 8 trophys from different shows this summer. Just to mention few of them: 1st place from HC Truck Meet 2008 from Sweden at US Truck Class; 3rd place at Overal Interior Class from Power Truck Show 2008 and Special Honor Award by Mikko Nukala from Power Truck Show 2008 as well.

Thank you for all who have suported me! Special thank's go to my dear family and And thank you for Petri "Snowman" Manninen for the great work at HC Meet!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

US Truck Calendar 2009!!!

New awesome US Truck Calendar for 2009 is out now by!!! A 14 month wall hanging calendar, so that's 14 pictures that can all be cut out when your done with it and an extra pic included to fill in the gaps, making 15 glorious A4 pictures of trucks and glamour models to drool over and cut out when your done with as well as 28 more smaller pictures. 2 from each shoot displayed under the main calendar shot. All pictures are taken only for this calendar!!! No cheap crap! Only pure high quality pictures!

Make sure to get your copy by ordering right away! Ordering from Finland contact: International orders: or +44 (0) 7989 260463.

*Price (estimated): Finland 13eur/each + shipping. International orders £10(Uk puonds)/each + shipping. *Prices may variate because of changes on curency of UK pound or other unpredicted matters.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kenworth K100C for Sale!

Kenworth K100C '83. Cummins 855 BC I, 9 speed Twin Stick, 8 bag Air Ride, 11R24,5 tires, 3,73 Rockwell Rears. Inspected 6/2008. For more information email:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Silicone Express with Anu Pekonen at US Truck Calendar 2009!!!

My sweet K100 has just been photoshooted with VERY HOT Fitness Model Anu Pekonen to awesome US Truck Calendar for the year 2009!!! Calendar is called "StacksNCracks" and it contains lotta awesome show stopping US Trucks with hot models! Calendar will be published World wide! To see sneak peak from this spectacular calendar check out:

Thank you very much for Anu Pekonen and Floyd M. from for awesome photoshoot! (Note: all the pictures are copyrighted).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Silicone Express gets 1st Price!

Dan with his nice Freightliner.

Snowman at the wheel of 379 Pete.

My son Valtteri takes a little feeling to wheel of old 359 Day Cab.

Tom have just opened his X-mas gift and already calling all over to brag about it. Senior is all smile!

Some of our gang!

Just got out from the ferry on trip back home.

Dan had the front door and we were high balling over the pass!

COE Pete 352 with Cummins V8 from Sweden.

Another COE Pete from Sweden.

A small part of the line up.

Stoped at one truck stop to grap few Z's on our way down to meet at Jöngköping in Sweden.

Looking large with all lights on!

Parked in front of Scania factory at Södertälje, Sweden.

Inside of large car/truck ferry which operates between Finland and Sweden.

Few pictures from the trip over to Sweden at HC Truck meet 2008! Trip went great and I was honered to win 1st price in US Truck Class! On our way down there we visited also at Scania factory at Södertälje. We went over from Finland to Sweden in one of the World biggest car/truck ferries. The ferry trip over the sea took 8h. Total length for the trip was 1900km (1190miles). We met meny great guys on our trip and saw meny cool trucks. Hope to meet you guys soon again! 10-4!