Tuesday, June 14, 2011

River Side Truck Meet 2011 part 2!

This Freightliner COE '79 dropped by briefly at Friday.
Looking good together.
Another view from Freightliner COE '79.
Time to start polishing at Friday evening.
Thank you for all great people I met at River Side Truck Meet!!! We sure had lotta good time and meny thanks for all staff members who made awesome work with arrangements. Special thanks to Markku and Pasi taking care of taxi-arragements ;)!
We highly recomment River Side Truck Meet for everyone!

Monday, June 13, 2011

River Side Truck Meet 2011!

Nice looking Mercedes Benz with asphalt dump body.
Nice looking Volvo with old school stacks.
We had lotta fun with thise folks. From left to right: Timo "the Stetson", his spouce "Grill-Master" Tia-Maria and legendary Juuso "Rebel" Lehtinen all the way from Alberta, Canada.
Looking good all polished up.
Legandary trophy wining Gunfighter Scania, owned by Kuljetus Mika Auvinen.
Volvo FH480 '09, owned by Pohjankiito and operated by Janne Somero.
Scania R500 '06 owned and operated by Jani Vainionpää.
Remember "that" Johnny Cash picture?
This Scania has 1milj.km on the clock and still looks like new.
This Scania has 850hp (dyno tested) V8 engine. Owned and operated by Hiper Express.
Volvo F12 Intercooler ´90 owned and operated by Kuljetus Markku Jokinen.
This nice looking MAN TGX B-train belongs to Markku Rio from Loviisa, Finland.
Silicone Express II at night.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

See Silicone Express II Live/ Silicone Express II Näyttelyissä!

Here's quick shot from yesterday when took Silicone Express II to annual DOT-inspection. Inspection went good and with out any problems at all. Truck is alittle dirty cause haven't had time to get her washed down and polished up yet.

Down bellow is listed shows I have planned to do for this season. Please note it's only a plan and there might be some changes done to schedule, if needed from any reason.

Anyways, don't hesitate to come over to chat a few words!

Ohessa pikakuva eiliseltä katsastusreissulta. Katsastus sujui loistavasti ilman huomautettavaa, ja nyt on tuoreleima papereissa. Kenworth on vielä hieman talven pölyjen peitossa, kun en ole ehtinyt vielä pestä ja kiilloittaa talven jäljiltä.

Alla on lista näyttelyistä ja tapahtumista joissa alustavasti on suunniteltu käytävän. Kyse on suunnitelmasta ja se saattaa muuttua syystä tai toisesta.

Jutellaan kun törmätään!!!

Show Schedule 2011:

Lauantai (Sat.) 11.6.2011 River Side Truck Meet, Porvoo, Finland
Lauantai (Sat.) 2.7.2011 Old Timer Run, Visulahti, Finland
Lauantai (Sat.) 16.7.2011 Big Wheels, Pieksämäki, Finland
Lauantai (Sat.) 27.8.2011 Savo Car, Bike and Tattoo Show, Kuopio, Finland