Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Custom painted Engine Fan!

Finally got my engine fan finished up and put back on the truck. I ended up to this scallop design on fan blades, but not totally happy with it. I think I should've gone with my original idea of using "arrow head" -design on the red candy to get the look I was after. Anyways, this's pretty cool too and I like combo of red candy with flake in it with flat black and gold out lines. Looks Classy!
By the way, in pics it looks like the red candy on blades is way different than on chassis and engine, but in real it does match. I guess dust and lighting is playing tricks in the pics.
More detail work will fallow!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rockabilly Pin-up Safyra & Silicone Express!

Rockabilly Pin-Up model Safyra Black posed with Silicone Express II for Labor Day special issue of local Newspaper. Because of cold weather, sadly we had to stay in-doors, but we hope you still enjoy the shots!