Friday, July 29, 2011

Silicone Express and the Bandit!

Here's sneak peak pic from recent photoshoot we did!!! We had so much fun doin' this photoshoot with Kenworth and Trans Am together! Wanted to get some Smokey and the Bandit style to it and out come was really cool.
More pics from this photoshoot will fallow later on!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oldtimer Run 2011 / Big Wheels 2011

Blowing out some smoke at Big Wheels 2011. Love this pic, so cool to see that smoke comin' out from stacks. (picture by:
Cruising at Big Wheels 2011. (picture by:
Peterbilt 359 short hood at Big Wheels 2011.
This 359 EXHD '84 Peterbilt have just arrived to Finland. It's one of the few 359's I've ever seen with out exterior air filters.
Chromed out Cat 3406B.
US-truck line-up at Big Wheels 2011.
In Big Wheels 2011 there were total of 12 US-trucks which is new record in Finland at one show. There were total of over 800 vehicles and 12 000 visitors in the show during one day.
Silicone Express II got Top 5 -trophy from Oldtimer Run 2011. There was total of over 600 vehicles.
Peterbilt 359 EXHD '86, Oldtimer Run 2011.
Rear wiev of US-truck at Oldtimer Run 2011.
Oldtimer Run 2011 US-truck line up.

Friday, July 1, 2011

First Peterbilt 379 in Finland!

We had small US-truck meet when thise guys dropped by to visit me the other day. Rare sight to see here in Finland three nice looking US-trucks parked at the same parkinglot.
This Peterbilt 379 '87 with CAT3406C and 13sp Fuller is the first 379 ever registered to Finland. Concratulations to Markus. Truck can be spotted mostly around Mid-Finland.