Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hot Rod & Rock Show 2014!

 This very cool Willys '41 came from Sweden. Detail work and craftsmanship was impressive.
 This nice pick-up was hand lettered during the show.
 Cool looking station wagon from Finland.
 This flat silver beauty was also from Sweden.

 Kimmo Janhunen was caught from John D'Agostino's booth (light green Caddy at background) and wanted to get same picture with Anu Pekonen.
 Markku Rio asked Anu to pose with his real cool "Sweet 666" MAN for few pictures.
 Anu Pekonen showing some legs in front of Markku's MAN.
Custom Legend John D'Agostino wanted to be photographed with Anu and his show winning Custom Built '40 Cadillac named "Sophia". It was big privilege for Anu to pose with the Legend. Thank you Mr. A'Gostino from this great picture and nice chat.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Polished CAT 3406B Turbo!

 New look of Engine from driver's side.
 Polished out Turbo installed.
 Turbo compressor housing did polish out real nice and looks super cool with chromed oil lines.
 Here can be seen chromed turbo cross-over pipe from turbo to intake manifold and polished aluminum housing which mounts to aftercooler.
Overall looks of the engine did approve a lot. We are very happy to the final looks.
All parts which were sent out for chroming are now installed back as well as the aluminum parts witch were polished. Coolest detail on new looks of the engine is polished out turbo compressor housing. It took quite some effort to get it smooth and all polished, but sure was worth of all the sweat involved. We like a lot how chromed and polished parts look with candy red color used on the engine.
Moore updates will fallow!
Nyt on kaikki kromautetut osat sekä kiillotetut alumiiniosat saatu takaisin pakalleen moottoriin. Ehdottamasti coolein osa on kiillotettu turbon painepesä, joka vaati melkoisesti työtä, mutta oli vaivan arvoinen. Kromatut ja kiillotetut osat luovat upean koknaisuuden candy punaisen moottorin kanssa. Lopputulokseen on pakko olla tyytyväinen!
Lisää päivityksiä tulossa pian!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

General at Inspection!

Screamin' Jimmy at inspection office today!!!
Big thank you from excellent service to people at Itä-Savon Katsastus.
Screamin' Jimmy tänään katsastuskonttorilla!!! Iso kiitos loistavasta palvelusta Itä-Savon katsastuksen väelle.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Chromed and Stainless parts!

5th Wheel handle was made out from stainless steel by my real good friend Mika Sistonen. I polished out the handle and got the spring chromed. Outcome is amazing!
I got new handles for Battery/Step box which I got chromed out and mounted with polished out stainless hardware.

 My CAT 3406B got its share from polished and chromed out parts. Some of the parts I polished out are Air compressor intake manifold, Aftercooler top plate and Turbo Compressor Housing. Power steering oil dipstick and many other parts got chromed.  Thanks for my good friend Larry Olsen from providing me chromed Advance Timing Unit Cone Cover, Fuel Pump Side Plate and Fuel Filter Can.

Air Ride Leveling valve arm and connecting rod got made out from stainless and polished out including mounting hardware. Thanks to Mika Sistonen from stainless work!
As I promised I have kept working on and customizing my W900A EXHD at side of the Screamin' Jimmy project. Above you can see some of the new features I have done for next show season and there's still more to come!