Thursday, August 28, 2008

Power Truck Show 2008!

This summer have been great for me and my truck. I have won total of 8 trophys from different shows this summer. Just to mention few of them: 1st place from HC Truck Meet 2008 from Sweden at US Truck Class; 3rd place at Overal Interior Class from Power Truck Show 2008 and Special Honor Award by Mikko Nukala from Power Truck Show 2008 as well.

Thank you for all who have suported me! Special thank's go to my dear family and And thank you for Petri "Snowman" Manninen for the great work at HC Meet!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

US Truck Calendar 2009!!!

New awesome US Truck Calendar for 2009 is out now by!!! A 14 month wall hanging calendar, so that's 14 pictures that can all be cut out when your done with it and an extra pic included to fill in the gaps, making 15 glorious A4 pictures of trucks and glamour models to drool over and cut out when your done with as well as 28 more smaller pictures. 2 from each shoot displayed under the main calendar shot. All pictures are taken only for this calendar!!! No cheap crap! Only pure high quality pictures!

Make sure to get your copy by ordering right away! Ordering from Finland contact: International orders: or +44 (0) 7989 260463.

*Price (estimated): Finland 13eur/each + shipping. International orders £10(Uk puonds)/each + shipping. *Prices may variate because of changes on curency of UK pound or other unpredicted matters.