Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silicone Express II Dynotest!

Silicone Express II was Dynotested yesterday, 24th of July 2013 at AEL in Helsinki. We were positively supriced about the dyno result. Engine put down to the ground from rear wheels 385kw (523,6hv) Constant Power and Peak Power 400kw (544hp) with 32psi turbo boost. From somereason we could not get the turbo boost built up as high on dyno what I get on open road. On the road test right after the dyno run, was verified correct max. turbo boost being 38 to 40psi. With that turbo boost we assume real power put to the rear wheels would be around 580+ hps, when engine power would be around 660 to 680hp's.
Special thanks to:
Pekka Lehto, AEL
Leif Keskevaari
Keke Penttinen
Engine: Caterpillar 3406B DITA (400hp) with C-model crank, rods and piston pins.
Power from rear wheels Dynoed: Constant 523,6hp; Peak Power 544hp
Turbo Boost: On dyno 32psi; Road test 38 - 40psi
Pyro reading: max. 800F
Here's link to the clip from dyno run. Hope you enjoi!!!