Friday, August 30, 2013

New Project Picked Up!!!

New project was finally found by huge help of me very good friend Don Ridzon Jr. Thank you VERY much Don and his family from all the effort done to this project hunt.
At this very moment this new project truck is being picked up by help of Don and his good friend Jim Guiste! Jim is having birthday today, Concratulations Jim!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ice Road Trucker Juuso "Rebel" Lehtinen meets Silicone Express!

Valtteri, Juuso "Rebel", Jussi "Silicone" and Miki posing in front of Silicone Express II 19th of Aug.
Juuso "Rebel" visited us for his short trip to Finland from Canada where he works as owner operator yanking flatbed trailer with his Navistar from Canada to USA. Juuso is born and raised in Kouvola Finland and he moved to Canada few years back. Ever since he's been fulfilling his dreams by trucking at Canadian Ice Roads and through out Canada and USA all the way to Yukon.
Juuso also drove man made high dollar sand for oil fields in northers Canada experiencing true wilderness of Canadian outback.
On his visit to us he also dropped by at Savonlinnan ammatti- ja aikuisopisto's Logistics partment to tell about his adventures for new truck driver students. Local newspaper Itä-Savo made feature of his also.
To read that article visit here:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Master Truck Show 2013, Opole, Poland!

 Our gang (Keke, Samuli, Sanna and Leif) waiting for ship to leave from Vuosaari Helsinki, Finland to Travemunde, Germany.
 At cardeck of the ship. Pretty tight fit.
 We had a prevelage to have guided tuor around the ship, Finnmaid. We visited at Bridge and met captain as well.
 Visit to Engine room was very interesting. Here's one cylinder liner for one of the main engines.
 Ship is powered with two huge Wärtsilä diesel engines.
 Near at Berlin Germany having quick stop.
 We slept few hours at Poland side of the boarder at Nevada Hotel.
 Kenworth lookin' nice at Dawn in Poland.
 TV -grew get caught in action.
 Light Show at Master Truck Show is huge and we took part on it of course.
 Thise very sexy models were from Slovakia promoting two big Slovakian truck shows.
 Where's Silicone Express there's always sexy poster girls around.
 By the way, did you folks notice those ain't no shirts girls have on!
 Me and models. Wonder why the wide grin.
 There were total of over 50 000 visitors at Master Truck Show and over 300 show vehicles.
 We had change to meet Slovakian four time champion in bodypainting, Andrea Jacko. She has some unbeleavable skills for bodypainting!!!
To see more of her work visit at:
 All four georgeous models posed for us with Matinkylän Maansiirto's Scania Skåne Edition.
 Just enjoy!
 One member of Finnish team was Karhuline with their very impressive "Fear of the Dark" Scania.
 Trip to Poland was huge success for us. We won 1st Price in US Truck -Class!!!
 Jani Palin and Tiina Karhula enjoying their 1st price in Audio -class second year in a row!!! Concrats Jani and Tiina!!!
 Somewhere close by Travemunde in Germany.
Same place.
I wanna give HUGE thanks to Master Truck Show grew, specially to Aleksandra and Aleks from great trip and outstanding hospitality. Also thanks to my grew: Keke Penttinen, Samuli Penttinen and Sanna Patrikainen! With out you guys I would not have been able to do it!
Last but not least big thanks to whole Team Finland: Minna Jokinen, Tuomas "Tuoppi" Erikson, Leif Keskevaari, Jani Palin and Tiina Karhula. Special thanks to Jukka Rajala from arranging model photoshoot.
More pictures from Show it self will fallow soon!