Friday, April 26, 2013

Engine Fan Custom Painted!

Here's finally new update! Sorry it has taken so long ones again. As a minor excuse let me say I've been searching for new project truck for past couple of months. But that's all I'm goin' to tell you about it at this point. We'll see how all does go in the end, but maybe I'll have something new to work with later on.
Anyways, here's something I started working with few days ago. Yes, it's Silicone Express II engine fan.
First I fixed few small cracks it had on few plates (nothing major). Then got it sanded down and primered. Fallowed with another quick sanding and finally laid on this nice Candy Red color to it today. I did a little trick to it with darker color and also used some metal flake in the Candy. Now I need to let it set for few days before I can continue by wet sanding the plates for final clear. Then it'll be let set for few more days and finally I'll lay on some flat black with gold outlines to it.
More progress pics will fallow next week! Stay tuned!