Monday, September 10, 2012

X-Treme Car Show 2012!

 L. Tynjälä Oy's newiest creation, Scania R560.
 Low Rider Chevy.
 Sharp looking Dodge Charger.
 Dodge Chrager with 426 Hemi.
 Very nice Chevrolet '57.
 John D'Agostino was visiting the show with two of his cool creations.
 Some eye-candy from Riding'&Drivin' magazine booth. Newer under estimate mam's hawk eye.
 Can it be cleaner?
 Another custom by John D'Agostino from USA.
 This real sharp Buick arrived from Sweden.
 Silicone Express at Big Wheels booth.
 One of the earliest show stoppers by Boyd Coddington.
 Lookin' Large with all the lights on. No show spot lights needed when you have over 130 lights.
 Peterbilt 379.
 Nice collection of Corvets by Kimmo Janhunen.
 One of the coolest Rat Rods in the show.
 Here you can see the new Red LED -lights in action which I installed behind the cowl panels to lite up the enginebay. Red lights under the front bumper and chassis worked well too.
Show went well for us. In really Hi -Class show we won 3rd in Trucks -class and Best Show Booth for Big Wheels.
Thanks for all the cool people we meet there and had change to talk with!!!