Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Custom made Kenworth Silver Ring!

These super cool KW -Silver Rings were specially custom orderd from Ring Maker Janne Sairanen from Haapakallio Finland by Silicone Express. This special custom design is greated by Janne withing the specifications given to him by us (me, Dino and Kelvin).
There were total of three rings made and each of the rings are handmade and have their own unique touch on them. There were also two different designs used, as you can see, two of the rings have black background and one has silver background.
Proud owners of the rings are located at three different Continents:
1. Jussi / Silicone Express, Finland
2. Dino / Western Distributing Transportation, CO. USA
3. Kelvin / KL & M Premier Carriers, Australia
For further information or interest about thise rings contact to Silicone Express by email.