Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Express!

Artwork by my very talented brother Ville. He draw the potrait like nothing on plastic board we mounted to back of the sleeper. See more of his artwork from here: www.villelopponen.blogspot.com

Wedding Express!!! Note the signs on the doors! Something special we did for the happy couple.

New carpet done. Did add new double sound insulation to inside of firewall and whole floor.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Interiro touch up!

Started cleaning up the interior. After I had used five buckets of soapy water for cleaning I ended up tearing the seats and carpet out. New (temporary) carpet will be put on later this week. This will be only temporary quick touch up for interior before whole redol in near future.

Interior like it was. Missing big pieces from carpet, dirt all over... huge mess.

Fresh tags on. I got my W900A exhd registered road legal day before did this Peterbilt 359 '81. Peterbilt has CAT 3406A and 13 speed in it.

Friend of mine came to visit with his '81 359 Pete