Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pinstripes inside front fenders!

Just random shot from the Silicone Express II hood tilted.

Added some custom touch inside the front fenders with simple pinstripes. Because of the uneven surface painting pinstripes were more than very difficult job.

I know She ain't perfect yet but getting there detail by detail. I will continue working on with the truck untill she is perfect all over one day.

Trans Am Silicone Edition progress Pictures!

First rust spot fixed. As can be seen we try to do very accurate work with sheetmetal repairs to minimize bodywork needed later on.

Driver's side after sandplasting.

In this picture you can see the rust hole on rear corner next to tail light opening before it was repaired by welding (see picture further above).

Who ever made the sheetmetal work before wasn't no professional for sure. All this will be repaired like new before starting bodywork for paint.

All suspected rust spots were sandplasted by professional shop.

As suspected before sandplasting there was several issues found on body panels under thick coat of bodyfiller during sandplasting. All trouble spots will be redone and sheetmetal issues will be fixed before starting bodywork for paint. More update pictures will fallow soon.

Friday, January 7, 2011

More Details on W900A EXHD!

More detail work done to W900A EXHD. Sorry crappy picture quality, but had only my cellphone-camera with me. I have started working on with insides of the front fenders. All mounting hardware used are hand polished decorative stainless bolts, nuts and washers only. Work is still in progress and more details like pinstripes will be add soon. So stay tuned!!!

Also Trans Am project have had some progress. At the moment it's at sandplasting.