Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kenworth W900A EXHD Detail Work!

Here's pic from custom self made door kick panles fabricated out of mirror shine stainless.

Here's one progress pic from the Trans Am as well. Whole interior has been taken apart already and new design of the interior is done. Hopefully we get on it in next couple weeks. Final design of the looks is also getting together and we are gathering up parts for it.

Here's good quality close-up shot from the final design of the fuel filler caps. All custom designed and made by us for this project only.

Fuel filler cap from different angle.

Engine detail work have had some progress as well. Notice the pinstripes on fan-tunnel and shocks. Also alternator brackets are taken off for custom finishing touch. Back side of the front bumper is wrapped inside mirror shine stainless.

Another shot.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pontiac Trans Am '78 Silicone Edition!

"Breaker 1, Breaker 1! Is Snowman out there? C'mon!"

Here's a sneak peak shot from new project I got with my brother and dad. We bought this Pontiac Trans Am '78 as for small side project. "We do it for the money, for the glory and for the fun, but mostly for the... fun" =). Plan is to transform it to Silicone Edition version from legendary "Bandit Trans Am" cause we needed to get blocker car for the Silicone Express II!