Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rodeo du Camion Truck Rodeo 2008!

Rodeo du Camion Truck Rodeo 2008 was held 28th time in a row this year at Nodre-Dame-Du-Nord, Canada! That happening is absolutely the ultimate drag race event in the World! Heavy trucks with loaded trailers are drag racing up hill from standing still start! The B-train combos gross weight 63 500kg (about 146 000lbs)!!!
I was there with my good friends Lee Howard from Inferno Kustom Werks and Juuso "Rebel" Lehtinen. Juuso was racing at the toughest class on B-trains, 500+ hp and I was his Mechanic. It was his/my first time ever to race up there. And even tough he had alittle under powered engine putting out only 700hp's we managed to win one race!!!
Enjoy the pics!!!