Tuesday, June 14, 2011

River Side Truck Meet 2011 part 2!

This Freightliner COE '79 dropped by briefly at Friday.
Looking good together.
Another view from Freightliner COE '79.
Time to start polishing at Friday evening.
Thank you for all great people I met at River Side Truck Meet!!! We sure had lotta good time and meny thanks for all staff members who made awesome work with arrangements. Special thanks to Markku and Pasi taking care of taxi-arragements ;)!
We highly recomment River Side Truck Meet for everyone!


Jobergg said...

Nice stacks on the coe, is that Freightliner from Suomi?

Anonymous said...

Looking good! I like the new fender better, too. Looks like a fun Trucks

Truck Chrome Stacks

Silicone Express said...

Yes, the Freightliner is from Finland (Suomi). It did arrive from Norway. It has 3406A CAT in it.

Thanks from nice comments.