Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kenworth W900A Extended Hood Aerodyne!

First custom work done. Put on new buggler emblem on the hood front hub caps, spike nut covers and new white front mudflaps.

Outside of the port heading home bound.

Picked up the truck from port of Kotka with my son and lil'bro. Put stacks on and ready to roll!

Here's basic info from the truck:
  • Make: Kenworth
  • Model: W900A Extended Hood Aerodyne
  • Year: 1978
  • Engine: CAT3406B with Jake Brake
  • Gearbox: Spicer 5+4 (orginal from the factory)
  • Rear ends: RS404
  • Sleeper: Aerodyne 60''
  • Rear suspension: 8 bag air Ride
Truck like this is hard to find item even over in US. I searched this truck over 8 months before found one! Thise trucks are starting to be real collectible items. Hope you enjoy seeing the progress of rebuild and customizing of this truck.


Tommi said...

Nice truck,good buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

i prefer the cabover aerodynes but i do love the conventionals as well... keep us updated with pics

Anonymous said...

Thank you from the nice feedback!


Doug said...

I just sent my 1971 Long Nose W900A to the paint shop. These trucks are like you said,"very hard to find". Mine is a day cab and we still have the interior to do. I found mine in a junk yard and have spent about $20K on it so far. Good Luck!

venugopal said...

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