Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some update finally!

Finally some visible progress with my new project. It doesn't meen I haven't done anything till now. NO, I just have done prepairin' work and testing new ideas. Final design is starting to be clear in my head now. Also lotta of stainless steel parts have been custom made and even more are under fabrication at the moment. I'm trying to take this project even higher level than I did with the earlier (K100C).

Some delay have caused because of lot of fixing needed to old pits and pieces here and there. It's good to remember this baby have earned it's pay on the road over 30 years. Restoring and custom building old truck is way different and more challenging job than it is with brand new one. Most of the parts are no longer available and need to be fabricated specially or located good used ones.

Here in the picture you see frame rear end tapered and new crossmember test fitted.

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