Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sneak Peak from Spencer's Chrome Show 2012!

Here's few sneak peak shots from Spencer's Chrome Show 2012 which was helt last Sunday 8th of July. Show was very nice with lot of awesome old iron there. Mostly Kenworth W900A -models and older Petes, but there were bunch of other interesting rides like GMC General and Cracker boxes too. On top of that there were quite some newier US-trucks as well. Overal alittle over 100 trucks. 

I had very good time and had change to meet lotta nice people there including few legends in trucking bizz. Nicest suprice was to meet my really good friend Don Ridzon Jr. and his family and spend some time with them. Thank you Don Jr., Chooch, Don Sr. and Jim from the great day!!!

More cool rides will fallow soon! Be tuned for us!!!

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