Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Wheels 2012!

 US-Trucks got lot of interest from public.

 This nice Chevy '46 belongs to Tomi Nenonen.

 This KW W900A used to pull PR-trailer for years and was used in couple TV-commersials in Finland back in the day.

 Ready to roll out for the cruising.

 Rare sight to see from rear view mirror in Finland.

 Some nice rides from cruising convoy.

 More cruising convoy.

 Markus Kohvakka him self.

 Cruising ended at Pieksämäki Trainstation as always.

Mika and Henna enjoing good time at Big Wheels.

Big Wheels car meet at Pieksämäki was excellent happening ones again. Total of around 900 vehicles and about 10 000 spectators visited the meet this year! That's huge turn out for one day happening.

US-trucks had their own class for award first time this year, "Steel Cowboy Award". Judging was done by people's choice votes and jury. Silicone Express II was proud to be the first one to get this award! Thank you for everyone who voted for us!

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