Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wheel polishing and Geting Parts Chromed out!

 First front wheel polished out real nice!
 One rear wheel done three more to go.
 I was impressed how nicely wheels polished out with pretty less work.
Here you see few of the items I'm getting chromed for my W900A EXHD.
I'm still waiting to hear from the shipping company related to the damage they did at the port while unloading the General from the ship. During the wait I have started to polishing out the wheels on the General and here you see how nicely first ones came out. I still have few of them to go.
Also I have been working on with some of my W900A EXHD parts to get chromed. I have done all the prep work for chroming my own and sent parts out last week. Can't wait to get them back all shiny and be mounted back to the Kenworth.

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lusida rubber said...

Already i have used this polish. This is so good for truck wheels.
Wonderful post....