Monday, December 16, 2013

Custom made Old KW-Crooked Emblems!

Emblems are custom made to fit on to flat surface and mounted with two stainless steel studs at back.

Made two different versions one is fully polished aluminum and other has painted grooves and polished sides and face pattern.

These emblems were custom made for my W900A EXHD. Still not sure which ones I'm goin' to use fully polished ones or painted ones because both look super cool. Polished ones look way better in real than they appear in the pictures.
Got a little progress done with my KenworthW900A EXHD "Silicone Express II". I wanted to get nice old school KW -crooked Emblems to be used on flat surface, so I ended up making these nice custom emblems for my truck. Original emblem I had needed to be modified pretty heavily from here and there to get these nice smooth sided and flat backed emblems. Lotta hand made work and grinding and polishing done and here you see the outcome. I'm more than very happy how they came out in the end. Emblems have stainless steel studs at back for mounting. I did two different versions out of them, fully polished and partially painted versions.
With these emblems I wanted to continue on my route to create something different, but still Ol' Skool and make my truck one step closer to being perfect show stopper W900A there is!!!

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