Monday, August 13, 2012

Jackpot at Power Truck Show 2012!

 BBQ at trucker style by my good friend Markus Kohvakka.

 Nice light show.

 Markus and Jukka "Nappula" having good time.

 Super sexy Tanja posing with my truck for public.

 More sexy posing for audience.

 Pro photographer Keijo Penttinen from PS-Studio did amazing photoshoot with two hot models during the weekend.

 Keke and models at work.

 Few US-trucks.

 Trophy winning truck.

 It's easy to smile with 1st price in your hand.

 One more shot from Tanja and Silicone Express II.
 One nice car hauler.

 Cattle truck from Sweden.

 There were trucks all over Europe, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia and so on. This very nice Scania arrived all the way from Poland.

Mika Auvinen's new creation in night time!

Power Truck Show 2012 was Jackpot for us! Not only because we won 1st price in Best US-Truck -Class with Silicone Express II, but also the other two trucks built by us which entered the show were nominated. Volvo F16 .logging truck which we built for Dovelana Oy won 3rd -price in Nostalgia -class and Silicone Express I KW K100C won 3rd -price in Best US-Truck -class!!! We are very broud about the huge success we had.

We were also invited to Master Truck Show at Poland for the summer 2013! We wanna thank you from the invitation and we'll see you guys there next year ;).

Thank you for all the great people we met at Power Truck Show this year! We sure had some great time with all of you. Thanks to Kimmo "Steel Cowboy", Keke and Markus from great country music evening we had with BBQ. And last but not least special thanks to Timo Sairanen from helping me out with polishing the truck for the show.

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