Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project Volvo F16!

Volvo F16 came to us after new logging gear was bolted on and chassis was painted.
We started from fabricarting custom all stainless exhaust stack with in-built muffler in it. Front mudflaps were put on as stainless light panel under the front bumper as well.
All original emblems were painted to match in our shop.
We did retro style paintjob and graphic design for the F16 and actual paintjob was done by Autoehoste Kaskinen Oy.
Project truck is all original Volvo F16 Intercooler '88 with 470hp engine. Truck is been build for one of our customers for his needs. This truck will be put back on the road and it will earn its keep hauling loggs full time around Eastern Finland.
More project updates will fallow!!!

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